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The Curator Behind The Cookie

Happy Friday, sweets!

I know I show my hands more than my face and I promised myself that I would be more consistent with doing the latter. So here's my very first blog post! I'm very excited to share bits and pieces about myself and my business with you all through this platform. I feel that it's important to get to know the curator behind the confections that we all drool over. So to kick things off, here are 10 facts about me!

1. My name is Alicia Reedy! I’m better known as Ali, Lici, Licia, and Muva to my closest friends. And to everyone under the sun, I'm known as The Cookie Lady. I'm frugal, I'm funny, and I love to feed people.

2. I was born and raised in Gorgeous Prince George’s, Maryland but I currently reside in Odenton, Maryland. I love everything about the city life but prefer to live an under the radar lifestyle and be as lowkey as possible. Prince George's County produces the most amazing hustlers, innovators, and superstars. There is nothing I love more than being from where I'm from. Prince George's County is in my DNA, and I am so proud of the stomping grounds that created the blueprint for the woman you all are reading about and see today.

3. Growing up, I always enjoyed assisting my grandmothers with their “just because” baked goods. I remember baking so many cakes with my Grannie and eating the leftover cake batter (when she didn't worry too much about the raw ingredients). I loved when my Grandma called me into her kitchen to either have me taste test or press the fork into her peanut butter cookie dough balls. When I was a Junior Girl Scout, that's when I realized that I truly have a knack for this craft. On one cloudy Saturday morning, we made chocolate & butterscotch chip cookies (aka ChocoScotch that will be coming to my online cookie boutique this year!). This flavor along with my O.G. White Chocolate Chip cookies are the reasons why I am where I am today.

4. In 2015, I tried to launch my baking business but it didn’t work out due to online issues and rushing the overall process. I gave myself some time and trusted God’s plan. I had people in my corner that consistently shared with me how good it would be for me to go into business. And eventually, two weeks before I launched The MonAlicia Bakes, a huge wave of inspiration motivated me to get back to this passion of mine. And on September 16th, 2018, my daughter turned four months and our legacy was officially in the works!

5. Our goal at The MonAlicia Bakes is to provide fun, innovative flavors that will bring joy to taste buds worldwide! We are also working towards an actual bakery. Opportunities have presented themselves and I've also been keeping an eye on potential locations so let’s keep our fingers crossed on how soon the next step comes! #CookiesForACause launched on October 6th, 2019. The goal of this project is to recognize and support important causes by donating percentages of money to non-profit organizations.

6. What separates me from other bakers is that I bring to life the flavors that people think about but are hesitant to create due to the potential final result. The Build Your Own Dozen option creates the experience of bringing your personality to life through cookies: one cookie base, 0-2 mix-ins, and 0-2 toppings. You thought it couldn't get any better than that? My O.G. plate-sized S’mores Stuffed Chocolate Chip cookie is the ultimate game changer. I even have a Chicken & Waffles cookie that’s made with ACTUAL fried chicken.. and it works! I also specialize in whoopie pies! You don’t hear about or see them often. What inspired me to make them is a super throwback Ben & Jerry's ice cream flavor, Whoopie Pie. I had it when I was a little kid and I have never been able to stop thinking about it! I was born to create what the imagination gives us and to change the game so I will never back down from doing just that.

7. My top 5 cookies change every time I release a new flavor. But if I were to share my current top 5, they would be the following (in no specific order and including seasonal releases): Brown Sugar Cinnamon, Carnival, Cherry Blossom, Dark Chocolate Sea Salt Caramel, and Eggnog.

8. My favorite holiday is Christmas! I love to give year round to all of the people that I love without expecting anything in return. But Christmas holds so much weight in my life... From my daughter's holiday spirit to spending it with our family under one roof. Following that... Is it safe to say my birthday?

9. My favorite part about having the business is being able to share the love and passion I have for this with all of you. Seeing your joy brings me joy and that will always be the greatest reward. I also love having this rapidly growing business because my sisters, mother, and daughter love brainstorming with me and are always down to assist with creating, taste-testing, and witnessing my newest confections. Sharing this experience and growth with my family is something I wouldn't trade for the world.

10. My favorite way to talk to all of you is through Twitter, my DMs and when you all come to pick up your orders! I’m super friendly, down-to-earth, and am a true people person. To know me is to love me. So if there’s ever a time that you don’t want to talk business, don't hesitate to reach out!

And that's a little bit about me! Thanks so much reading. I'll catch you soon!

Alicia <3

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Unknown member
Feb 03, 2021

this business is horrible, cookies were stale . i do NOT recommend

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