Indecisiveness getting the best of you? This option allows you to select three of our gourmet cookie flavors!


Picture 1:White Chocolate Matcha, Soft Batch Gingersnap, Butterscotch Potato Chip

Picture 2: Oatmeal Chocolate Chip, Golden Cookies & Cream, White Russian

Picture 3: Maple Brown Sugar, Golden Cookies & Cream, Coffee & Cream Oatmeal


Note: Many of the options contain eggs and dairy products. All flavors are made in the same kitchen as products made with nuts. Please note if you have an allergy (i.e. nut allergy, dairy allergy) at checkout, or send a message via email or chat.


  • You are allowed to pick 3 flavors for your dozen. If you pick three flavors, you will receive four cookies of each.